Anouk At Gelredome



Disc one:
  • 01. Leitmotif 1
  • 02. It's So Hard
  • 03. Nobody's Wife
  • 04. Michel
  • 05. R U Kiddin' Me
  • 06. The Dark
  • 07. Leitmotif 2
  • 08. Girl
  • 09. Jerusalem
  • 10. More Than You Deserve
  • 11. Everything
  • 12. Lost
Disc two:
  • 01. Leitmotif 3
  • 02. If I Go
  • 03. One Word
  • 04. I Don't Wanna Hurt
  • 05. Modern World
  • 06. Good God
  • 07. Leitmotif 4
  • 08. Down & Dirty
  • 09. Three Days in a Row
  • 10. For Bitter or Worse
  • 11. Woman
  • 12. Killer Bee
  • 13. Any Younger
  • 14. Leitmotif 5
Location: Gelredome, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Date: 12/03/11
Lineage: MM-HLSC-1 HighLine "Sennheiser Driven" Cardioid Stereo Microphones -->SP-SPSB-6-C battery box -->Tascam Dr2D -->Audition 3.0 -->CD wav
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Comments: With her larger than life vocals and her fearless, straight up attitude, Dutch singerAnouk has a talent that easily matches the appeal of international superstars. She's a powerhouse performer who delivers her music with a raw, bareknuckle intensity and wild gusto that truly puts her in a league of her own in The Netherlands, a country that is not known for delivering vocal talent with such global allure. Anouk is a true original who carved out a unique niche of her own while balancing her artistic instincts, creative urges and her personal priorities that matter more than anything else. The question often arises why Anouk's superstar success has mostly been limited to The Netherlands and Belgium. The truth is that Anouk had the opportunity to be launched in North America in a big way that easily could have been a platform for worldwide success. But Anouk opted out and decided to do things differently. Like a true Dutch pragmatist, the singer handles her career much like her music - if it takes too much compromise, it is not worth pursuing. So say what you want about Anouk, but she won't sell out to achieve success and respectably always remained true to herself.  The singer burst onto the scene when she unveiled her utterly brilliant single "Nobody's Wife" in the mid-nineties that set the tone for bigger things to come. After releasing eleven albums and receiving non-stop critical acclaim from fans, peers and critics, the singer has decided to take some time off for a lengthy sabbatical. According to a report from 3FM, Anouk will head to New York City to recharge her creative mojo and focus on her family. Last week Thursday and on Sunday, she performed two sold out shows at Holland's Gelredome to say goodbye to fans for now. It was a unique affair with Anouk performing her hits in chronological order on four different stages together with all the different bands that she has worked with over the years. From the soaring "Nobody's Wife" to the delicate "Lost," and from stomping "Girl" to the rocking "Good God," Anouk delivered a rousing, triumphant performance that took over 75,000 fans through her robust portfolio of songs that reminded everyone in the audience over and over again why Anouk is one of a kind.