Instore Performance & Signing Session



Disc one:
  • 01. Lay Your Weapons Down
  • 02. Ok
  • 03. Verhaaltje
  • 04. Sun And Shadow
  • 05. Runaway
  • 06. Lang Zal Hij Leven
Location: Mediamarkt Instore Session, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Date: 2018/09/09
Lineage: MM-HLSC-1 HighLine "Sennheiser Driven" Cardioid Stereo Microphones -->Iphone 5SE --> Audition CC 2018 -->CD wav-->FLAC
MP3 sample  
Comments: This was more a test recording. Instead of using the Tascam recorder (which was unavailable at the moment) i thought i'll give it try with my Iphone, so don't get you hopes up to high! The 'verhaaltje' (story) was ofcourse funny as to expect from Ilse and also she did a short "Lang Zal Hij Leven" (happy birthday) as it was the birthday from the Mediamarkt guy...