Philadelphia 1988

Beano DVD-series 005


Disc one:
  • 01. Crossroads

  • 02. White room

  • 03. I Shot the Sheriff

  • 04. Lay Down Sally

  • 05. Wonderful Tonight

  • 06. Tearing Us Apart

  • 07, After Midnight

  • 08. Can't Find My Way Home

Disc two:
  • 01. Motherless children
  • 02. Motherless children (appears twice)
  • 03. Same old blues
  • 04. Cocaine
  • 05. Layla
  • 06. Money for nothing (Mark Knopfler)
  • 07. Sunshine of your love
Location: The Spectru, Philadelphia, USA
Date: 07/09/88
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Comments: For years VHS tapes of varying quality from this pro shot performance have circulated among collectors. Now, the folks at the Beano label hit the ball out of the park with this release in stunningly good quality. Unless someone has a broadcast quality master under the bed - this is officially "the one" to have. Easily one of the best performances of the 1988 tour, the Philly crowds always show a lot of enthusiasm for EC and he in turn pays them back by putting on a great show, and this is no exception. Excellent quality, well authored, and an essential part of any core collection. This one isn't recommended - it's REQUIRED

Please note that there are several different versions of this performance available on DVD, all of varying quality. If it doesn't have the Beano label on it - it ain't good enough!