Hard Rock Calling



Disc one:
  • 01. The Bangles - Manic Monday
  • 02. The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
  • 03. KT Tunstall - Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
  • 04. The Police - Message In A Bottle
  • 05. The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  • 06. The Police - Can't Stand Losing You
  • 07. John Mayer - Waiting On The World
  • 08. John Mayer - Vultures
  • 09. John Mayer - Gravity
  • 10. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  • 11. Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Voodoo Child
  • 12. Sheryl Crow - Out Of Our Heads
  • 13. Shery Crow - Every Day Is A Winding Road
  • 14. Eric Clapton - Tell The Truth
  • 15. Eric Clapton - Drifting Blues
  • 16. Eric Clapton - Motherless Child
  • 17. Eric Clapton - Layla
  • 18. Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph, Sheryl Crow & John Mayer - Crossroads
Location: Hard Rock Calling Festival, Hyde Park, London, UK
Date: 28&29/06/08
Lineage: Music High Definition Channel (MHD)>Motorola DCT3412 I DVR>FireWire>CapDVHS>Nero Vision>You
MP3 sample  
Comments: NOTE: There are two Glitches. I recorded this twice and both times the glitches were present. During John Mayer's 'Waiting On The World' and 'Gravity' the screen will freeze for about 1 second during both songs - real quick glitch. This is a really fun show with pretty much something for everybody. A couple of things:

1. Not noted anywhere is that this has been re-sequenced to group all the performances together and isn't how the broadcast is actually airing. The show opened with "Message in a Bottle" and then two of the Mayer songs, a commercial and then "Gravity" (which comes in after a verse or two as he's talking in an interview segment, so it's incomplete), etc. The other two Police songs were later in the show. A lot of the bumpers leading to commercials had the artists like the Bangles saying, "Hi, we're the Bangles and we're coming up next on Hard Rock Calling," or words to that effect, and I don't know if those were edited out here or not.

2. The two Mayer glitches have been in four airings that I've seen. I actually tried calling MTV to attempt to get through to someone at MHD and they kept putting me through to a voicemail at 'production.' I'm sure they're much too busy working on new scripts for "The Hills" to care about this.

3. Bangles fans should note that the version here of "Walk Like An Egyptian" has the middle "Mrs. Robinson" part that was edited out of their House of Blues Live DVD due to licensing reasons. So...cool to get that intact!