God Meets Buddha



Disc one:
  • 01. Tell the truth
  • 02. Key to the highway
  • 03. Hoochie coochie man
  • 04. I shot the sheriff
  • 05. Isn't it a pity
  • 06. Why does love got to be so sad
  • 07. Driftin' blues
  • 08. Travelin' alone
  • 09. That's alright
  • 10. Motherless child
  • 11. Running on faith
  • 12. Motherless children
  • 13. Little queen of spades
  • 14. Everything's gonna be alright
  • 15. Wonderful tonight
  • 16. Layla
  • 17. Cocaine
  • 18. Crossroads
Location: Budokan theatre, Budokan, Japan
Date: 25/02/09
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Comments: This Show, recorded on February 25th, 2009 is another live performance highlight, and a must for all Clapton fans! As always, when playing the venerable “Budokan” venue, he plays his heart out! Accompanied by only Doyle Bramhall II as second guitarist, Eric Clapton had to play many more solos compared to his most recent tour, when there was Derek Trucks as the third guitarist. He plays a real bottleneck guitar, and you will witness a real premiere: The „Travelling Alone Blues“ never performed before, neither in the studio nor live! The brilliant quality of sound and picture make this show a real pleasure, and demonstrates why Eric Clapton is the only musician to be nominated three times to the Rock´n´Roll Hall of Fame! Dolby Digital soundtracks contain up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio. Dolby Surround soundtracks contain up to 4 channels of encoded audio. Playback from 2- channel DVD outputs is compatible with stereo and Dolby Pro Logic reproduction.